Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of going solar?

Solar is one of the cheapest sources of electricity around today. With rising electricity prices, powering your home with clean, green and carbon-free electricity is becoming increasingly attractive.

How do solar panels work?

A solar PV panel consists of many cells made from layers of semi-conducting material, most commonly silicon. When light shines on this material, a flow of electricity is created.

The cells don’t need direct sunlight to work and even work on cloudy days. However, the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity generated. Yes, solar panels work in winter!

What are the benefits of using a battery?

Solar panels generate electricity during the day but what about at night? Batteries solve this by storing the power generated during the day ready for you to use at night. Solar panels on their own will cover about 35% of your annual electricity requirements but add a battery and this increases to 70%+.

For those months of the year where there is less sun and your panels won’t generate much, you’ll need to buy grid electricity. A home battery allows you to buy and store cheap night-time grid electricity to use later in the day when it’s more expensive to buy.

Can I sell my excess energy to the grid?

In the summer, you’ll generate more electricity than you can use and the utility companies will pay you for it. This is called the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) which is government backed and requires suppliers to pay for your export.

How much money will I save using solar?

Try our calculator.

How does the loan purchase work?

We are a broker, not a lender. In our mission to make solar more affordable, we have found fair and honest deals for our customers that we believe are very competitive. You can split the cost of your system into a monthly plan, with optional deposit and a range of terms up to 72 months. The first half of the plan is completely interest-free, and there is no penalty for early repayment. See our representative example for a full breakdown*.

It takes a few minutes to get a quote for a finance plan from our lending partner once we’ve designed your system. You’ll need to give them some basic information and they’ll run some checks that could be recorded in your credit history. Once approved, you can sign the Sunsave contract and schedule your installation.

Usually around 2 weeks before installation, we’ll ask you to sign the partner’s finance contract. You’ll need to pay the up-front admin fee and schedule the date for first repayment, up to a month afterwards. The reason we do this later than the Sunsave contract is because we think it’s fairer for you to plan your repayments after you know your installation date.

*Based on a cash price of £8,000, less deposit of £0. Total loan value £8,000, with a £25 up-front payment and £3.50 monthly account fee. Repayable in 72 monthly instalments; the first 36 at £111.11 (0% interest) and the last 36 at £132.82 (11.99% interest per annum). Representative APR 4.09%. Total amount repayable £9,058.64, of which interest £781.64 and other fees £277.

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