Start saving with Solar Energy for your home

Generate your own electricity and reduce your energy bill now.

Benefits of the SunSave system

  • Piggy bank

    Payback periods from 7 years

    Electricity prices are increasing and solar + battery prices are decreasing. Payback periods are now as low as 7 years.

  • Research & development

    Best-in-class system design and selection

    We use automated and AI powered tech to design the best system for your house. Our R&D teams have tested and selected the most reliable and robust solar+battery systems on the market.

  • Warranty


    Your solar system will come with up to 25 years warranty and your battery with up to 10 years warranty.

Starts from


We design and install the best system to suit your house and offer you a cash quote to buy it immediately. We’ll accurately calculate your savings and your payback.

How it works A few simple steps

  1. System design icon

    System Design

    Give us a few details and our automated system designer will optimise the best system to suit your household needs and maximise your savings.

  2. Consultation icon


    Our solar specialists will set up a remote video call to take you through your bespoke proposal, answer any questions you may have and explain the installation process.

  3. Installation icon


    Our industry accredited (MCS) installers will take care of the whole process including; site survey, installation, DNO application and grid connection.

  4. Monitoring & Maintenance icon

    Monitoring & Maintenance (Coming Soon)

    We’ll monitor your system, check it’s working as it should and fix anything if it goes wrong.

  5. Battery Optimisation icon

    Battery Optimisation (Coming Soon)

    In the summer you’ll want to sell your excess electricity and in the winter you’ll need to buy some. Did you know you get paid/charged different amounts depending on the time you buy/sell electricity? We’ll manage this for you and save you money through the year.

Calculate savings Ready to get started?

Generate your own electricity and reduce your energy bill now.