Complaints Policy and Procedure

SunSave is dedicated to the provision of excellent Customer Service and delivery. Whilst every effort is taken to provide this great service, we appreciate mistakes can be made. If you believe that we have failed to deliver as we had promised, please let us know. We aim to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently; we will learn from your feedback to better our services in the future.

Our complaints procedure is for customers who feel unhappy with the service & experience they have received from us. We have a consistent approach for all complaints to ensure that all customers are treated fairly and are clear on the process. 

The objective is to ensure complaints are dealt with promptly, efficiently, courteously and systematically. Customers are kept informed of the progress and resolution of their complaint.

This policy will be reviewed regularly by the directors to ensure that any necessary improvements are made. 

How can complaints be made?

  • By post: SunSave Energy Ltd, 23 Ansdell Terrace, London, England, W8 5BY
  • By email:
  • By phone: 07760882465

On receiving your complaint, we may send you a consumer document checklist which will detail the information we require in order to investigate your concerns. 

How we handle complaints and what will happen next?

A Customer Operations Executive or Manager will ensure that your complaint is registered, acknowledged, and responded to in accordance with our complaints handling process below. We may request further information to enable us to investigate the concerns which you raised, please note should this information not be provided, we may be unable to fully investigate your concerns.

Stage 1

Upon receiving your complaint, this will be recorded on the system and allocated a reference number. You will receive acknowledgement of your complaint within 2 working days in writing, by email or both (as requested). When acknowledging your complaint, we may request information from you to be able to investigate your concerns, once the relevant information has been provided, we will fully investigate your concerns and provide a response within 14 working days.

If it has not been possible to resolve your concerns at stage 1, we may escalate your complaint to stage 2 of the complaints procedure. However, should no further information be provided your complaint may not be escalated and this will be our final response to the matter.

Stage 2

If it has not been possible to resolve your complaint at stage one, the complaint will be reviewed by a departmental manager. You should expect to receive a full response within 14 working days, or a letter explaining any reason why further time is required to investigate your complaint and details of when you should expect a full response by.

Should you be unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you may appeal this by logging a request for an appeal within 14 days of receiving your written response to your complaint. Once your request for an appeal has been logged, your complaint may be escalated to stage 3. You will receive a letter or email confirming the outcome of your appeal and whether this has been escalated to stage 3 of our complaint's procedure.

Stage 3

Should the complainant be unhappy with the way the complaint has been dealt with, the complaint will be reviewed by a company director who will liaise with the relevant departments to try and resolve the matter amicably. Should the director feel the complaint does not require further investigation, you will be notified in writing that SunSave have issued their final response to the matter. You will be provided with a response to your concerns in writing within 14 working days.

Stage 4

If at any time a dispute cannot be resolved amicably then both parties can refer the matter to independent conciliation as a way of resolving the situation. We must agree to conciliation if that is your wish and will need to agree upon a suitable Ombudsman to arbitrate the dispute. 

All customer complaints are treated in strictest confidence, fairly and comply with the Data Protection Act. We value our customer's complaints and aim to resolve complaints quickly and amicably.